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Redefining workout clothes for women: Fashion items that will change any woman’s workout

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Women who workout in the gym fall into two different categories. They could either be the glamazon or they could be the bag lady. The former is the one who goes to the gym fully made up, fully accessorized and even perfumed just to strut around the gym. For this type, working out at the gym could ruin their outfit. For the latter, it is just the opposite. She is the one who just throws on whatever she comes across in the closet and you would only recognize her as a woman when she speaks.


Now, there is middle ground where both these types of women can actually meet where they can stay in style and still workout. In CASE any of them meet their prince charming in the gym or even the ex who dumped them, they will actually be looking great. Below are some of the six items that will actually make over your gym style from head to toe in style.


This is a very essential item because it will hide your bad hair day, incase, and it is a lot better than wearing a hat. You can actually do a messy bun or ponytail, put on the headband to tame some curls and voila! One of the best things about it is that you will not have to constantly brush your hair away from your face during workout. Of course, you will not have hair as an excuse to quit the down dog position, you will have to go through it till the end.

Bright colored sports bras

Colorful layering is probably one of the best ways to look great as well as stylish in the gym. A pop of color will be amazing for layering because you can wear a brightly colored sports bra will look good with the sweatshirts that drape off shoulders. The best part about this is that you will be looking great, which will make you feel good and probably prompt you to do more workouts.

Draped tank-tops

These tank-tops are considered a heaven sent for many because they hide the belly fat as well as the back fat. There is no need to suck in your tummy any more if you are surrounded by people with six-packs and neither do you have to worry about those unsightly jiggles you get while doing cardio. This is a stylish workout that truly hides everything you don’t want to put out there.

Stud earrings

These are not the dangling type and you could wear them just to look great while at the gym and they will be even better should you have to go someplace else after the gym. Little diamond or gold stud earrings will look amazing.

Tunic style sweatshirt

Sweatshirts have been in fashion for the longest time and for a good reason. You will definitely look like a woman when you wear one and you will look so stylish in it that you could probably go run some errands with it after you are done. One of the best parts of wearing a sweat shirt to the gym, is the fact that it is long enough to hide sweaty areas that could be unflattering. Find more style tips here.


You probably already have this in your closet and you can repurpose them for working out at the gym. There are a very good alternative to biker shorts or yoga pants and you will actually have new ways to wear your leggings.

Workout clothes for obese women

Obese women should strive to wear outfits that fit them and compliment their bodies as well. Don’t do what your skinny neighbor is doing. Your clothes should be tight enough for support and to avoid sweat rolling down but loose enough to give stretching freedom. Cotton clothes are best because it absorbs sweat and will allow your body to breath. Avoid synthetic clothes as they will not absorb sweat, which could lead to rushes or make your body slippery. Want to know how lose all that fat?

You should also avoid wearing sleeveless or full sleeves. Half sleeves are the best because they will not confine you and stop you from stretching. You should also wear your sweat pants below the knees or fully if possible.


This is the best advice for women who love to hit the gym about their workout clothes.