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Career options after personal trainer courses

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Are you fitness enthusiast? It is not too late to study PT courses. This is an area where age is not a hindrance. Personal training is about working out which is practical thing that does not require too much effort to understand. You can therefore study full time or part time. It also does not matter whether you have previous training on fitness. You can always start at the basic level and learn the skills that qualify you to become a professional personal trainer.


Market value

Personal training is valuable and you will always have something to do after a course.  There are many options available for trainees whether you want to be a personal trainer, start career through apprenticeship or up-skill on specialist course. Fitness and active leisure is a growing industry. This is such a good time to begin a personal trainer career because more and more people are determined to live healthy lives.

There are new gyms starting all over to cater for the increasing population striving to be healthier and fitter under the guidance of qualified professionals.

If you have plans to go for a fitness course, it is important that you find a good college with excellent training facilities and experienced trainers. It is wise to go to a training facility that has offered training in fitness for a number of years. If possible, find those that have trained some people you know in person or at least their ability to offer quality personal training service.

Since your training will be the foundation to build a career in personal training, it is essential for you to invest in quality training.  Find a reputable college with a name that makes anyone who hears where you trained can trust you to be his or her personal trainer.


Fitness courses for personal trainers

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There is a wide range of areas that trainees of high end personal trainer courses can specialize in. All help in personal and professional development.  The areas that you can specialize in include:


Personal training

Trainees get knowledge and skills to become certified personal trainers after extensive training by expert tutors.


 Fitness instruction course

This is a course more suited to individuals who are making their first steps into fitness industry.

Exercise to music instructor course

These days, people work out as a group while moving to the beats of music. Exercise to music instructor course helps you to know latest choreography and training techniques.  After the training, you can teach fun group exercise classes of all levels.


Continuing professional development


Everything requires that you keep on refreshing skills.  There are continuing professional development courses for people who already have certifications in personal training but would like to enhance portfolio of their skills and further their career. Continuing professional development programs are good for keeping up with new developments in personal training because they are packaged with fresh content.


Studying a personal fitness course is simpler and fun compared to other sorts of training.  You can study it at a full time or part time class provided that you complete the required sessions. Nowadays, you can even study at home through online classes.

There are good trainers for any option you choose therefore the course will not interfere with your lifestyle.



As you go through your personal trainer course, you can look for opportunities to earn by working under supervision of a more experienced professional. Apprenticeship comes with these opportunities:

  • Earn a wage while training and  sell yourself as potential employee to your supervisors
  • Get full benefits  from  coaching and mentorship by industry professionals
  • Achieve recognized qualifications

After successful apprenticeship program, you gain skills that help you progress to top gyms or leisure centers.

Personal trainer courses open up numerous opportunities for employment or running your own fitness business.  Apart from the traditional gyms and fitness centers, employers are now hiring personal trainers to help their employees in working out during occasions such as retreats or at work place in-house gyms.


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