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What Are Unattended Deaths And How Can You Stop Them?

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Health, Uncategorized |

It is the nature of life that at some point a person has to meet their fate; they have to go through death, just as birth is part of life. There are many causes of death, including illness, old age, accidents, murder, suicide and much more; but sometimes there occurs some demises which are termed as unattended deaths. But what is this kind of demise?

Defining Unattended Deaths

There comes a situation where a person goes missing and is perhaps presumed dead after days or weeks of searching, only for their body to be discovered after sometime, without any witnesses that can actually tell the cause of death to the deceased. When this occurs to a loved one, handling the situation may turn out to be quite of a challenging situation and may in most cases require counseling to deal with the traumatic experience. In some cases, the body of the deceased may discovered and a decomposing state and the situation may require handling by an expert to collect the body and clear the scene.  usually finger prints aren't necessary

Handling an Unattended Death

When a person’s body is discovered, this is the only time it can be determined whether it was an unattended death or not. Usually, the best way to go is to notify the securities if you are the one who found the lifeless body. The police may then take it from there, call in a medical examiner to evaluate the exact cause of demise if possible. These professionals are usually known as coroners, and may require performing an autopsy if the cause of death doesn’t appear to be obvious. However, sometimes the coroner may find the deceased to have died from natural cause, which may force them to release the body to the family or loved ones. Necessary investigations are then carried out on the so called ‘crime scene’ after which clean up is normally required. Clean up may require an expert approach, which is done by a bioremediation company.

The Work of a Bioremediation Company

These are also commonly referred to as trauma clean up companies. They come with specialized equipment, reagents and expertise to decontaminate the scene where the body of an unattended death was found, as well as other scenes where such scenarios occur. They work to sanitize the area, to prevent possible spread of infections material such as bacteria or viruses and to keep the environment clean. You should not attempt to do clean up on yourself because the place may contain health and environmental hazards. Such services are called unattended death cleanup services

How to Stop Unattended Deaths

Even though it may literally be quite challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of unattended Deaths there are several things that could be done to stop them. One of them would involve the security departments as well as the law enforcement field. If only police and investigative personnel could tighten up the grip more, and the judicial systems become more aggressive in handling cases brought forward involving linked suspects, then perhaps these kinds of deaths could be drastically reduced. But the most challenging aspect in unattended deaths is the fact that there are never witnesses involved. It thus becomes hard to deal with the issue from the root cause, which could also help prevent such deaths in future. A case might look obvious that it was murder, but then finding the suspect possess a huge challenge to investigative departments, such that several such demises may occur before they can actually catch a suspect. For suicide caused deaths, perhaps more counseling, moral and emotional support to people found with issues of the mind could help reduce the numbers of such cases happening.