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The Seemingly Mundane Health Benefits Of Yoga

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015 in Fitness, Health, Workout |

Improve your health, do yoga

If you were to critically look into how yoga works, you would probably not get a conclusive list of the health benefits that it boasts of. Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years and it is by no coincidence that it is still a popular practice all over the world including India where it originated. The many benefits include some very obvious ones but there are those subtle benefits that you might overlook while working to achieve the mega ones. Here are some of the health benefits of yoga that you will enjoy at the end of the day and which you might only discover if you are critical and reflective enough of this ancient life changing practice.

Get tension off your limbs

There are instances that you will find yourself squinting at a building or someone only to be told later that you have developed a permanent squinty face. Or you could go holding your child’s hand only to grip it harder than necessary just as you do with the steering wheel of your car. While this is completely involuntary, it is important to note that such conditions are brought about by stressful situations in your life. One of the health benefits of yoga is to help you release the pressure and tension that is or has been building up in your arms. Yoga helps you handle everything with just the right amount of pressure.

Sleeping deeper and better

There is nothing more awesome than waking up in the morning and feeling that the sleep has totally been exhausted. To get such a sleep, you will need to have relaxed and mastered the art of taking life in control. Such yoga practices as yoga nidra and pranayama are some of the best that will help you sleep better and enjoy great health benefits of yoga every day. The guided relaxation combined with the meditation practices help your nervous system deal with your body perfectly; which in effect help you sleep better.

improve mental health with yogaBoosting of your immune system

A healthy body means that it is able to fight of and prevent diseases. While this can be done using modern medicine, you can achieve the same results and much more by following the yoga route. Yoga helps you have a well functioning cartridge system, a highly viscous and efficient lymphatic fluid and well oxygenated blood. Don’t forget that white cells and red cells increase in number and the rate of metabolism improves hence leading to a better functioning body. will the ideal coordination of all the body functions, you will discover that your body will rarely get sick and when you do if at all, your immune system will be right on time to squelch the invaders.

You will achieve a higher self esteembeach yoga

Life throws at us different challenges at every corner. If you are not able to handle all the hurdles that life has for you, you will over time discover that your self esteem goes on diminishing. This is catastrophic for anyone who wants to achieve their childhood dreams. One of the yoga benefits is to help you not only regain your self esteem but to also bolster it to higher levels. With yoga, you will be able to control your mind and this means you will easily be able to ward of negative thoughts and only have great thoughts that will improve your life. More on warding off negative thoughts: Scottsdale Yoga

You will be able to avoid drugs

Being a drug addict doesn’t necessarily mean taking the hard drugs that are illegal. By taking pain killers to reduce pain or sedatives to get some sleep has a very negative effect on your body. One of the tremendous health benefits of yoga is to get rid of those drugs. Because you are living healthy, you will find that you will no longer be in need of sleeping pills or any one of those other drugs that are supposed to make your life comfortable because you already are.